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Shirafune Kyuusaisha
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Shirafune Kyuusaisha

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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:02 pm

I'm going to try to keep it simple, but knowing me, it'll be a huge wall of text.


1. My say is final here.
2. Listen to the Organization XIII members as they are moderators and can ban you.
3. No double posting. And don't try to be a smart-ass and post three times and say anything like "This is a triple post!" I'll ban you just for fun if you do.
4. Try not to make a post already made. Use the search button sometimes.
5. Please don't curse too much. Let's try to make our mothers proud.
6. Use good grammar. No point in typing something if you can't read it.
7. Respect your fellow members, regardless of what their rank or post number is.
8. If you believe someone is breaking the rules, inform an Organization XIII member (AKA a moderator) or myself.
9. No spamming topics. Things that qualify as spam are short replies (like under five words), complete off-topicness, or flaming (Barrages of insults) at other members.
10. Make sure that you're posting in the correct area if asking something.
11. Once you are accepted to be an underling of an Organization XIII member, you become a Nobody, only you're not one of the basic ones. You have human form and have a weapon and an element to fight with.
12. Ranks DO represent power. If someone is higher ranked than you then they are stronger.
13. All ranked underlings of an Organization XIII member, along with the Organization XIII member himself, must show signify what rank they are boldly in their sig so everyone can know.

I, or any other high statused member, have the right to alter these rules at any time. For the sake of the forum, for your safety, or, pff, for our amusement. =]


1. All fights are for fun. Your Organization XIII member superior decides your ranks, therefore you cannot just simply fight to raise it.
2. No god-modding, as in no instantly making hits, dodging or defending against every attack, being able to get right back up from crippling wounds, ect., ect..
3. No flaming.
4. Be patient. Your opponent might not reply for a little while if they aren't on the forum...Duh.
5. You are permitted to challenge those outside your group as well.
6. Only placed members, ones that have become a Nobody through means of being accepted as an underling of an Organization XIII member, may battle in fighting areas inside an Organization XIII members' room.
7. Make sure that the fighting area is not occupied before you begin to fight. Only one fight per area at a time.
8. People are allowed to post saying that they are arriving and just going to watch. There's no law against it.

NOTE: Slight alterations for these rules can be made by Organization XIII members as long as the basic princibles are intact. For instance, the dueling rules can be altered slightly, but there still shouldn't be any god-modding or anything like that.


I got my ideas for the dueling system, as well as the whole ranked/powers/weapon ideas, not to mention the build of this site in general, from <>. It's a great site with great people, so I suggest you check it out if you're a fan of Bleach!
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